Begriffs Buildfarm

Joe Nelson joe at
Fri Feb 5 02:51:28 UTC 2021

(I'm CC'ing an email list where we had discussed the idea previously.)

> How did you think of doing the service setup?

Honestly I'm not much of a sysadmin, so I sort of imagined collecting
various machines and connecting them to a LAN. However, that seems naive
given what you suggest below.

Of the machines for the farm, I wanted ones to exercise 16-, 32-, and
64-bit CPUs, different endianness, maybe a Harvard architecture, memory
alignment restrictions, signed overflow trap, a compiler with weird
CHAR_BIT size (although this last wouldn't be POSIX conformant). A
variety of 64-bit memory models like LP64, ILP64, LLP64, ILP32, or LP32
would be nice too.

> What I am after (and will probably end up doing eventually) is a set
> of QEMU machines with a base POSIX environment configured, where I can
> compile and test the programs on a variety of OSes, architectures and
> toolchains.

I didn't know that so many architectures could be emulated, and never
looked into QEMU. It looks great, with impressive platform support:

> Particularly, I would be interested in contributing to the project and
> running on my own infrastructure instead of paying the managed
> service.

Would you be interested in hosting the buildfarm server and giving us
network access to run builds? Does QEMU require specialized hardware to
work efficiently with KVM? Maybe someone on the mailing list has a spare
machine to donate for use as the QEMU buildfarm server. Or a group of us
could chip in for hardware costs.

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