Feature Request: Automatic Discussion Threads for New Blog Posts

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Sun May 10 17:22:21 UTC 2020


St. Nicholas Aquinas Drozd has joined the chat. :)

> O: This will lead to the forum getting flooded with "discussion
> threads".
> R: That sounds like a good problem to have, like having too much
> money. If so much blogging is getting done that the quality of the
> forum is affected, we can revisit the idea. But in that scenario, the
> community will by hypothesis be extremely active, which is great.

I answer that,

       -==-          Discussion threads are differentiated according to
   {\  ssss  /}      the various means through which knowledge is
  {  \sS""Ss/  }     obtained. For the web commenter and the emailer
 {   SS\__/SS   }    both may prove the same conclusion: that the code,
  {   /`\/`\   }     for instance, is sound: the commenter by means of
   {_| (  ) |_}      invective (i.e.  public display), but the emailer
      \/)(\/         by means of threads themselves.  Hence there is no
      |    |         reason why those things which may be learned from
      |    |         blogs, so far as they can be known by natural
     /      \        reason, may not also be taught us by an email list
     `""""""`        so far as they fall within revelation by SMTP.
                     Hence messages included in the list differ in kind
                     from those comments which are part of blogs.


More seriously though, I like the personal quality of our list. Right
now people post each message intentionally, expecting to discuss it.
Auto-posts make it less personal.

That said, it sounds like a cool experiment. I could create a separate
list like blogs at talk.begriffs.com to carry the auto-posts and then
anyone interested could subscribe to it.

> O: This is a "request" for a feature. Why don't you just implement it
> yourself?
> R: Despite all the shit I talk, I'm actually not very good at making
> stuff, and I also don't understand how things like "email" and
> "websites" work. That said, I would be happy to help out once somebody
> has a crude working prototype.

Something like this?

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