Wiresharking libtls

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Sat May 9 02:01:43 UTC 2020

Joe Nelson wrote:
> If I could just extract the SSL connection from inside the tls
> structure (tls->ssl_conn, defined in tls_internal.h) then I think the
> following would work, but the internals of the structure are
> inaccessible to my program.

Tried a craptastic hack on this branch:

I copied the struct definition from the internal header and put it in my
own source file with a different name and casted to it. Still doesn't
work because I'm seeing my error message "Failed to get SSL session for

Really wanted to get Wireshark working for this. When I have to fall
back to debug print statements rather than using tools I feel like I've

Maybe I should write a small MITM TLS proxy that logs the traffic in
each direction to the terminal in different colors.

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