Feature Request: Automatic Discussion Threads for New Blog Posts

Nicholas Drozd nicholasdrozd at gmail.com
Fri May 8 15:08:32 UTC 2020

This is a simple idea (I think). Frostbyte has a blog
aggregator [fn:1]. When a new post is found, create a new discussion
thread on Friends [fn:2] with a title along the lines of
"New blog post: TITLE TITLE TITLE (AUTHOR AUTHOR)". That's it.


O: You just want this because six of the past eleven posts on the
aggregator are yours.

R: It does appear that I am the only one blogging right now. There are
three April posts on the aggregator, and they are all mine. It would
be nice to change that, and perhaps this would be a good way to spur
others to do more blogging.

O: This will lead to the forum getting flooded with "discussion

R: That sounds like a good problem to have, like having too much
money. If so much blogging is getting done that the quality of the
forum is affected, we can revisit the idea. But in that scenario, the
community will by hypothesis be extremely active, which is great.

O: This is a "request" for a feature. Why don't you just implement it

R: Despite all the shit I talk, I'm actually not very good at making
stuff, and I also don't understand how things like "email" and
"websites" work. That said, I would be happy to help out once somebody
has a crude working prototype.

O: What if somebody's blog gets hacked? The forum will be flooded with

R: Maybe. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

O: If a new feed gets added to the aggregator, then all the posts from
that blog will show up, and the forum will get flooded.

R: Yes, that's something to keep in mind, and undoubtedly there are
other similar issues. But really those are just implementation

* Footnotes

[fn:1] http://frostbyte.cc/blog.html

[fn:2] Is there an official name for this forum? I refer to it as
"Friends", which always makes me think of "friends of Bill" or
"friends of Dorothy".

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