Finished pthreads article

Nicholas Drozd nicholasdrozd at
Thu Mar 26 22:03:17 UTC 2020

Great article, Joe! I'm curious, what did you think of the quality of
the Hacker News discussion?

Here are a few minor suggestions and corrections:

- The word "atomic" is used without being defined (first use:
  "arithmetic operations which may not execute atomically on the

- "It’s threads are deadlocked." It's -> Its

- When banker_lock is run, it looks like nothing is happening at all,
  because the only print happens at the end of the program and the end
  is never reached. You might add some print statements to show where
  exactly the program stalls.

- I was unable to build life.c on Linux.
  -- undefined reference to `pthread_barrier_wait'
  -- undefined reference to `pthread_barrier_init'
  -- undefined reference to `pthread_barrier_destroy'
  Similar compilation errors on Mac.

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