Cyberia presents: Capsul

j3s j3s at
Tue Mar 17 01:26:13 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Cyberia Computer Club has been working on a project for the better part
of a year, and we're finally in a workable state. I'd like to
introduce you all to Capsul; Cyberia's new compute platform.

Announcement blog post:

Some key highlights include:
- local SSD storage
- free backups (3 month retention)
- 1 public ipv4 address per Capsul
- direct T3 network connection
- supported by an awesome group of people
- competitive pricing!
- a multitude of OS's to choose from

It's worth noting that Capsul is not built _on top of_ anyone elses
platform - we shipped the metal that it runs on, and control it from the
ground up. It has been a very fun project, and I figured that this list
would be interested to know about it!

If you want to get involved in any capacity - as a user of the platform,
or if you want to sharpen your ops skills and help us develop it - feel
free to chat with us! We hang out in Matrix, and a bridged IRC channel.

IRC: #cyberia on freenode

One last note: we're also in the middle of building an email service on
top of Capsul called Nullhex. I'll send another announcement message
whenever that project is completed!

Thanks for reading, and with much love,


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