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Mauricio Uribe mxu at
Mon Mar 9 11:59:47 UTC 2020

On 3/7/20 11:04 AM, Noel Miller wrote:
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> My son was born this last Thursday March 5th. It's been a harrowing
> journey so far as he was born with respiratory and lung issues. He was
> transferred to the neonatal ICU almost right away when he was born and
> ultimately got transferred to Children's Hospital.
> He's doing really great now and healing up fast, most all the tubes have
> come out to assist with breathing. I got a chance to hold him yesterday
> as I didn't get a chance to hold him when he was delivered. That being
> said, I will probably be less active on the mailing list and less
> available to come to meetings for a while if they are scheduled.
> I am looking forward to meeting up with you all once we get another
> meeting scheduled as I had a great time at the meeting that I was able
> to go to.
> Have a good day everyone!
> - Noel
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Congratulations Noel!

Best regards,
Mauricio Uribe
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