Blog Aggregator and You Can, Too

Victor Denisov denisovenator at
Wed Mar 4 12:58:35 UTC 2020

Hi Joe,

Could you please add mine: ?


On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 3:58 PM Joe Nelson <joe at> wrote:
> Dave Bucklin wrote:
> > Greetings. I've set up a blog aggregator at
> >
> It's cool to see how active list members are with writing. Great that
> this aggregation requires no extra work on our part, too. Dave
> configured it to auto-update.
> Anyway, those blogs are from a small fraction of people on the list. I
> added just the feeds that were easy for me to find. If you have a feed
> on your blog, please let us know and we'll add you!

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