Let's hack Minnebar!

Kurtis Hanna Kurtis at riseup.net
Tue Jan 14 18:47:00 UTC 2020

Hello folks,

Last month I threw out the idea on the Hardcore Hack Night email list
related to Cyberia and HHN throwing an Unconference / BarCamp event of
some sort.

Since events like these aren't extremely common, it seems to make sense
for us to attend one of these events as a group in order to get the vibe
on how it is done. Welp, the one local yearly tech related BarCamp that
I know of just sent me an email saying that you can now sign up as a
presenter, and that the event will be held at Best Buy HQ in South
Richfield on April 25th. Here's the event's website:

The structure of this is participant-led and user generated, so to get
the true experience, you should consider submitting a talk. If enough of
us submit talks, we could try to request that our talks are all held in
the same room and/or don't conflict with one another on the schedule,
effectively making a "track" at the unconference. Also, if we have a
number of us doing talks, we could likely help one another prepare for
the event by constructively reviewing one another's presentations.

Additionally, it looks like we can have a free table at the event to
promote our groups.

Lastly, since the event has a lot of corporate sponsors, everything is
free as in beer, including the free beer after the event, the ticket,
the coffee, and food from some awesome food trucks.

In Solidarity,

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** Session Submission is Open!
It's that time of year! Session submission for Minnebar15 is officially
open. Check out this email for info on how to submit, and other ways to
plug into MN tech's biggest day of the year.

** Important dates
Minnebar15 Ticket Release 1: Thursday, April 9th, 2PM
Minnebar15 Ticket Release 2: Thursday, April 18th, 7PM
Minnebar15: Saturday, April 25th, 8AM-4:30PM

Preliminary Minnebar Schedule
Registration/ Breakfast – 8AM
Kickoff – 8:30AM
Sessions end – 4:30-5PM
Happy Hour until – 7PM

** Get Involved

** Host a Session
Minnebar is an (un)conference, meaning anyone can submit a session!
Learn more about leading a session below.
SIGN UP (https://sessions.minnestar.org/home)

** Sign Up to Volunteer
We love our volunteers! Get notified of opportunities to volunteer at
Minnebar and other  events by signing up below.
JOIN HERE (https://minnestar.org/volunteer)

** Feature Your Community Group
Do you run a user group or community group in town?  Sign up for a free
table to showcase your group at Minnebar!
SIGN UP (https://minnestar.typeform.com/to/OSoEZN)

** Host a Session!
If you haven't been to Minnebar (or even if you have) let us take a
minute to give you a brief overview of the event. It's our annual tech
(un)conference held in Minneapolis. An (un)conference is a loose, more
casual structure that is participant-led and user generated. It's free
and led by people from the tech and business community.

** What kind of session should I host?
You have a great side project and damn it, 2020 is the year to share it.
You have a tech topic that you love to talk about and want to lead a
room of other enthusiastic data-vis-heads. You launched a mammoth
project in the last year, earned some scars, and want to share what
you've learned.

** You're right! I'm gonna host! What next?
Since this is an (un)conference, there is no curation of sessions - so
(almost) anything goes! Just make sure you comply with our code of
conduct (https://minnestar.org/code-of-conduct/) , and you're not being
super salesy (because that's no fun for anyone). You just have to sign
up with your tech or business topic, and you'll get your 45 minutes of
fame. First time speakers are very welcome!

SIGN UP TO HOST A SESSION (https://sessions.minnestar.org/home)

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