Forest Johnson forest.n.johnson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 22:41:13 UTC 2020


I am a new member on this mailing list and I plan on coming to the
meeting tonight!

I've been a software guy professionally for 13 years, almost half of
my life. I recently quit my job as a "DevOps" guy at an IoT company so
that I could work on open source software full time. I have some plans
for projects I want to work on now that I have a lot of free time,
mostly focused on making it easier for non-technical people to
interact with open source software and run servers themselves.  I'm
joining this group because I want to get in touch with the local
software community outside of the professional/corporate world. I'm
looking forward to meeting you all!

If you want to read, I host a personal blog, gogs git server, and a
couple of simple apps at https://sequentialread.com/


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