imbox & git-fetch-email

Joe Nelson joe at
Thu Jan 9 00:11:16 UTC 2020

June Bug wrote:
> So I wrote imbox, which is a tiny IMAP client which exports messages
> matching a search in mbox format, ready to be piped straight into
> git-am. It was really interesting to learn how IMAP works and I
> have some new software ideas relating to it. Along with that I wrote
> a git-fetch-email command which integrates imbox with git-config
> and git-credential in a way that mirrors git-send-email.

Very cool idea.

Just for perspective on workflow, I do things a little differently. I
synchronize IMAP to a local copy in Maildir format using isync [0].
Each message lives on my computer as its own regular file. I point Mutt
at this local copy so that I can work offline.

You can search Maildir using programs such as mairix [1] or mu [2].
These programs create an index so searches go fast. Probably faster than
calling out over IMAP, and it works offline.

> I’m curious if anyone is interested in using it or has any ideas for
> improvements.

I'd love to give it a try. Can you walk me through how to use it? For
instance I can clone the imbox project itself, and you could email me a
demonstration patch and show me how to use to the tool to find the
message, turn it into an mbox file, and apply the patch.

After trying imbox, I can see how to accomplish the task with the
Maildir approach, and see which feels easier.


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