imbox & git-fetch-email

j3s j3s at
Tue Jan 7 22:25:12 UTC 2020

On Tue Jan 7, 2020 at 4:28 PM, June Bug wrote:
> Hi all. Sharing a little project I worked on around Christmas.
> I’ve been pretty excited about moving to doing git collaboration
> over email, but I was disappointed with part of the workflow: to
> apply patches you’re expected to either have local mail, a client
> that can export mbox files, or some way to retrieve them from a
> mailing list software. This doesn’t really fit with how I use email,
> and I still haven’t found a mail client that I’m totally satisfied
> with. But I started thinking, git-send-email makes it super easy
> to send off patches without involving your regular mail client, why
> can’t the same be true for applying patches?
> So I wrote imbox, which is a tiny IMAP client which exports messages
> matching a search in mbox format, ready to be piped straight into
> git-am. It was really interesting to learn how IMAP works and I
> have some new software ideas relating to it. Along with that I wrote
> a git-fetch-email command which integrates imbox with git-config
> and git-credential in a way that mirrors git-send-email.
> I’ve used this to apply a couple of patches on my own projects, but
> it hasn’t been widely tested. I’m curious if anyone is interested
> in using it or has any ideas for improvements.
> The project is at <> and of
> course feel free to mail me patches ;)

hi june bug,

first, congrats on the new git repository, I saw that you were using
Gitea previously and migrated to cgit - excellent choice on the styling
too. it looks super nice.

second, I'm reasonably interested in this, since I use a few different
mail-centric workflows. I've been using aerc
( for awhile, and it has proven wildly
unstable for me - nice when it works, and hopefully it turns into my
preferred mail client. Mutt does a good enough job generally though.

I'll definitely give it a shot and offer some feedback when I get a
chance. Thanks for sharing!


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