imbox & git-fetch-email

June Bug june at
Tue Jan 7 21:28:33 UTC 2020

Hi all. Sharing a little project I worked on around Christmas.

I’ve been pretty excited about moving to doing git collaboration
over email, but I was disappointed with part of the workflow: to
apply patches you’re expected to either have local mail, a client
that can export mbox files, or some way to retrieve them from a
mailing list software. This doesn’t really fit with how I use email,
and I still haven’t found a mail client that I’m totally satisfied
with. But I started thinking, git-send-email makes it super easy
to send off patches without involving your regular mail client, why
can’t the same be true for applying patches?

So I wrote imbox, which is a tiny IMAP client which exports messages
matching a search in mbox format, ready to be piped straight into
git-am. It was really interesting to learn how IMAP works and I
have some new software ideas relating to it. Along with that I wrote
a git-fetch-email command which integrates imbox with git-config
and git-credential in a way that mirrors git-send-email.

I’ve used this to apply a couple of patches on my own projects, but
it hasn’t been widely tested. I’m curious if anyone is interested
in using it or has any ideas for improvements.

The project is at <> and of
course feel free to mail me patches ;)

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