What are the "serious" libraries?

David Klann dklann at grunch.org
Mon Apr 6 13:18:59 UTC 2020

Hi Joe & June & Friends,

On 4/5/20 10:52 PM, Joe Nelson wrote:
>>> I'm looking for a good cross platform GUI library.
> June Bug wrote:
>> Off the top of my head I’d say SDL2 <https://www.libsdl.org> belongs
>> on this list.  Really good cross-platform way to get a window open
>> and put some graphics up, used in loads of games.
> Sounds great for raw graphical access.
> Can you also recommend a GUI library that has widgets like buttons and
> text fields for more desktop-y apps?

The obvious candidates here are:

  - Qt (sometimes pronounced "cute"): https://www.qt.io/developers
  - GTK: https://www.gtk.org/docs/
  - WxWidgets: https://www.wxwidgets.org/

These are probably the most mature of the bunch, and I suspect there are 
many others. I just started (re)learning GTK after looking into all 
three of the above for a small desktop GUI app I wrote (in Python). From 
what I can tell, all three of these have quite large footprints (maybe 
necessarily so, due to the nature of GUI applications *and* 
cross-platform functionality).

I wonder if there is a "smaller" or more appropriate library for 
small-ish desktop apps...


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