What are the "serious" libraries?

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Mon Apr 6 02:19:22 UTC 2020

Eric Bavier wrote:
> Most of the software listed there (many of which are libraries) was
> fuzzed precisely because it's a high-impact bit of software:

Great observation. Looks like there are quite a few libraries for
individual image and sound formats. Then there are these two which seem
pretty serious:

	(seems tasteful https://ffmpeg.org/developer.html#C-language-features)
	libavcodec encoding/decoding library
	libavfilter graph-based frame editing library
	libavformat I/O and muxing/demuxing library
	libavdevice special devices muxing/demuxing library
	libavutil common utility library
	libswresample audio resampling, format conversion and mixing
	libpostproc post processing library
	libswscale color conversion and scaling library

libsndfile http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/
	Read/write/convert many formats
	Examine and seek through "frames" (aka samples for channels) of audio
	Both file and stream I/O
	C99, tested on tons of systems

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