What are the "serious" libraries?

June Bug june at causal.agency
Sat Apr 4 18:12:43 UTC 2020

> On Apr 4, 2020, at 14:01, Joe Nelson <joe at begriffs.com> wrote:
> I've been looking for major libraries that do the heavy lifting behind
> the scenes for most software, and that power features in other languages
> (like how Haskell relies on libgmp to do the actual numerical work).
> I came up with the list below. Anybody have more suggestions for serious
> and portable libraries? For instance, I'm looking for a good cross
> platform GUI library. Also is there a good container library for C that
> provides generic data structures?

Off the top of my head I’d say SDL2 <https://www.libsdl.org> belongs
on this list.  Really good cross-platform way to get a window open
and put some graphics up, used in loads of games.

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