Hi friends! I'm Vegard

David Klann dklann at grunch.org
Fri Apr 3 14:13:40 UTC 2020

Greetings Vegard, welcome to the list!

On 4/3/20 7:02 AM, Mauricio Uribe wrote:
> On 4/3/20 2:35 AM, Vegard Stikbakke wrote:
>> I'm also interested in the history of computing. I read The Dream
>> Machine by M. Mitchell Waldrop and UNIX: A History and a Memoir by
>> Brian Kernighan last year - both are highly recommended!

Not general computing history, but Unix-specific: there's also The Unix 
Heritage Society (TUHS) led by Warren Toomey: https://www.tuhs.org/ and 
mailing list (and archive) https://minnie.tuhs.org/mailman/listinfo/tuhs

I am quite impressed with Mr Toomey's work, and the fact that so many 
people who were there 30 and 50 years ago are still around and actively 
participating in shaping computing and the community today.

I'm a Perl and shell hacker from way back and have tried to selectively 
learn new languages (including Python and Go) as time allows.

>> On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 8:10 AM Vegard Stikbakke
>> <vegard.stikbakke at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I'm 26 years old, from Norway, and I work as a backend developer. I'm
>>> "originally" a statistician, so I don't have as much theoretical
>>> computer science grounding as I'd like.


   ~David Klann

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