Hi friends! I'm Vegard

Mauricio Uribe mxu at uribe.cc
Fri Apr 3 12:02:14 UTC 2020

On 4/3/20 2:35 AM, Vegard Stikbakke wrote:
> I'm also interested in the history of computing. I read The Dream
> Machine by M. Mitchell Waldrop and UNIX: A History and a Memoir by
> Brian Kernighan last year - both are highly recommended!
> On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 8:10 AM Vegard Stikbakke
> <vegard.stikbakke at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm 26 years old, from Norway, and I work as a backend developer. I'm
>> "originally" a statistician, so I don't have as much theoretical
>> computer science grounding as I'd like.
>> I found this list through Joe Nelson after reading (not all of!) the
>> concurrency primer blog post he recently posted, and figured I'd like
>> to join.
>> Joe said "It's kind of a systems programming crowd," which sounds fun!
>> I use Python at work, and that's also what I gravitate towards using
>> if I do any side projects - probably because it's the only language I
>> know!
>> I've recently started getting interested in files and storage and such.
>> I'm currently trying to learn more about database systems.
>> I have a blog with a few posts, e.g. this one
>> https://www.vegardstikbakke.com/how-do-pipes-work-sigpipe/, which I
>> posted on Hacker News, and learned a lot from the comments there.
>> Looking forward to perusing this list!
>> Best, Vegard

Hi Vegard, and welcome!  I'm not a systems programmer, but often simply 
lurk on the discussions. And already, I've learned quite a bit from the 
smart folks around here!  They're all smart and good people.

Oh, and also, I'm using python myself for side projects too. For 
crafting rapid prototypes I've never been as productive as I am now; i 
just love it as a language!

Once again, welcome!

Best regards,
Mauricio ("mxu") Uribe
mxu at uribe.cc

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