Hi friends! I'm Vegard

Vegard Stikbakke vegard.stikbakke at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 06:10:28 UTC 2020

I'm 26 years old, from Norway, and I work as a backend developer. I'm
"originally" a statistician, so I don't have as much theoretical
computer science grounding as I'd like.

I found this list through Joe Nelson after reading (not all of!) the
concurrency primer blog post he recently posted, and figured I'd like
to join.
Joe said "It's kind of a systems programming crowd," which sounds fun!

I use Python at work, and that's also what I gravitate towards using
if I do any side projects - probably because it's the only language I
I've recently started getting interested in files and storage and such.
I'm currently trying to learn more about database systems.

I have a blog with a few posts, e.g. this one
https://www.vegardstikbakke.com/how-do-pipes-work-sigpipe/, which I
posted on Hacker News, and learned a lot from the comments there.

Looking forward to perusing this list!

Best, Vegard

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