Wednesday Meeting

Louis louis at
Thu Mar 28 04:32:51 UTC 2019

> Erik, Joe, and I met up at The Hack Factory [...]

Sounds like an interesting meeting. Sorry to have missed it. It's
midterm season for me this week, but perhaps I will make next week.
Hijacking the Hack Factory open house night was a stroke of genius,
it's a great space.

> I submitted a pull request to Dataforge

Sweet! I look forward to playing with that. Maybe one day I will set
up one of my boxes to be a node - although if what I remember from
last week is correct the install procedure is rather invasive.

> a money-sucking abyss called custom mechanical keyboards

Ah yes... I'm a fan of a nice keyboard. I spent some time a while ago
(probably this time last year... time flies) hacking together a
project involving the keyboard from an IBM Actionwriter 1. These are
electromechanical typewriters (that is, they are typewriters but
there's a microcontroller between the keyboard and the typewheel that
lets you do centering &c.) The fun part though is that they have the
same type of buckling-spring keyswitches as the much-sought-after
Model M. Nice keyboard, and doubly cool for being a non-pc layout with
unique keycaps. I started writing a article about it, but it's pretty
rough around the edges and hasn't been looked at in a while - < >.

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