Wednesday Meeting

Dave Bucklin dave.bucklin at
Thu Mar 28 04:28:11 UTC 2019

Erik, Joe, and I met up at The Hack Factory. Joe was stress-testing his
unicode, er, code. Erik demoed the magic of magit, a git interface
within Emacs. We talked about how someone might go about parsing man
pages into structured data, but it became apparent that it's not a
simple task. Erik and I briefly talked about Vimwiki, which I happen to
use, sort of. I picked up where Joe and Ioannis left off on the UUCP
node setup project. I submitted a pull request to Dataforge with our
public key and node name (frostbyte, natch). Next step, profit! I also
chatted with Mike, who was wearing a kilt, about Free Geek [0], project
management techniques in software versus architecture (as in buildings)
[1] and, later, about a money-sucking abyss called custom mechanical
keyboards [2].

Good times all around.


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