Want to join the Dataforge UUCP network as a Tier 1 system?

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Wed Mar 20 20:32:00 UTC 2019

> Louis, I will be there. I skip the Chinese and show up a little later.

I'll be there too and will eat at home before I go. Dave also mentioned
that he might show up.

> I hope I can just find the door open or somebody entering to let me in.

The nice thing about Wednesday evenings is that the hack factory is
unlocked for their weekly open house.

> We'll let Joe lead the UUCP-thon. It was a super robust system on which all
> those networks of the 80s and the 90s were running (USENET, etc).

Sure, we can give it a try. There's probably a way to cap disk space,
and if the thing ever starts using too many resources we can always shut
it down as well.

This guy called praetor has set up some scripts to help bootstrap a
UUCP node (https://tildegit.org/tildeverse/uucp). The scripts are
Linux-specific in places, but I bet we could adapt it to our BSD
machine, and maybe send a pull request to improve the project for other

Praetor is often online on #uucp in irc.tilde.chat, and can help us out.

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