"Mastering the web" series

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at nobelware.com
Sat Mar 16 14:47:08 UTC 2019

> Thought the list might like this. Roman Zolotarev (CC'd) is putting
> together a subscription-funded set of guides for using Unix tools for
> no-nonsense web development. Perhaps some of us want to go through the
> guides using our Frostbyte server for practice. https://rgz.ee

This is a good idea. As you know, I like lean and robust, timeless tools,
as opposed to overhyped "emerging" platforms, etc. And a guide form an
expert with a similar mindset is valuable. How do we go about it?

I have been following Roman on Twitter for a while now. He seems to love
(Open)BSD: https://twitter.com/romanzolotarev He also retweets some real
gems: https://twitter.com/kurobeats/status/1106298735250702336

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