What's everyone working on lately?

Nathan Ringo remexre at protonmail.com
Thu Mar 14 02:11:14 UTC 2019

> I am also getting back in to a few other things I have not looked at
> in quite a while like lambda calculus. There is a lovely lambda
> calculus interpreter project on github (lci by chatziko, I believe)
> that I just opened a but of a spam of issues and PRs.

If you're interested in typed lambda calculi too, I've got a project
that implements a Hindley-Milner type system: https://github.com/remexre/evaltrees

The goal of that project is to show evaluation for an OCaml-like
language "step by step" for call-by-value, call-by-name, and lazy
evaluation strategies. The actual code that does the evaluation is a bit
hairy as a result, but the rest of it is fairly clean.


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