Minneapolis' most wanted

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at nobelware.com
Mon Mar 4 17:18:25 UTC 2019

> Here are people in the area who seem interesting for our group. Do any
> of you know them?

This is a great list! I keep finding myself amazed at the amount of talent
that is found in the area, and the diverse list of topics that interest people.
Thanks for sharing it.

I know none of those persons. But I did take the time to scout all the links
and took some notes to share:

> * https://izzette.com

She is impressive. Wrote her own bootloader, built a minimal Linux distro,
and is building her own unix-like kernel (for learning purposes) that leverages
on GNU software. Worth scouting her minimal pages.

> * https://blog.urth.org

Esoteric stuff for the most part, with a good reading habit (and taste),
where I found a nice list of books I read or interest me:

> * http://blorg.ericb.me/posts/
>   (He attended a meeting last year)

Yes. I remember talking to him. Not the same Eric who was at pizza, I think.
I found one link that caught my attention:
(I did not know about Idris, and now I do.)

> * http://portfolio.gelicia.com

There are a few persons I have met with similar interests, mostly IoT and
physical items hacking, lots of LEDs, etc. Fun stuff.

> * https://github.com/syb0rg

I think I found somebody to closely follow (audio interests, speech synthesis
software, mostly C programmer, and interests in AI). Thank you Joe for finding
this person for me.

> * http://david.hedg.es

Click on his resume to see some interesting commercial geekiness places.

> * http://nklein.com

Good stuff. Hardcore nerd (I say this in a good way.) Lots of CommonLisp
stuff that I would never write in LISP. There are some good math links and
content here.

> * http://n0bel.net

Good gardware stuff, like Ras Pi type projects and other hacks.

> * https://www.macktronics.com

Very compatible interests with people on this list. Lots of experience...
(Seems to live in my neighbourhood, judging from the food places listed.)

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