Meeting schedule (Weds nights)

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at
Fri Mar 1 05:18:16 UTC 2019

I missed a good one... Will try to make some of the Wednesdays from now on
because all this sounds sooooo 80s-90s "2600" "Phrack" and I miss those days.

255 byte demo sounds great. We used to do the 40k and 4k demos in the Amiga,
and they were all the rage back then for showing off programing skillz.

Did not know about big banging. My Amstrad CPC 6128 used to interfere with
radio, I think. Pretty sure it was not the Amiga.

I will check those links later. But sounds like I will have to bring my old
laptop instead of the macbook next time.

As for sound, I have programmed the OSS and ALSA on Linux. I have a nice
two-buffer, threaded (3 POSIX threads) program that I want to use for
completing my music sequencer. Too many projects...

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