Meeting schedule (Weds nights)

Louis louis at
Fri Mar 1 05:05:06 UTC 2019

> How was the meetup?

Good! It was nice to meet some of you guys in real life. Hopefully I
can complete the bingo card over the coming weeks. The Hack Factory
was also very cool. We (me, Nathan and two of our friends who came too
(Michael and Ian)) got a tour - very cool place! It was also
interesting to chat with a couple of other guys that were hanging out,
who all worked at telcos. We were given an impressive phreaking demo
when one of them called Nathan's phone and the caller ID appeared as

> Also learned about "bit banging" where you time instructions just right
> to move electricity through the computer's bus so that it radiates a
> signal over AM radio.

I think bit banging is the general case of hacking together some
protocol out of binary I/O, and doing what would normally be done in a
specialized hardware module in software.

It's too bad - we tried this < > on the MacBooks of
both Darren and Joe (who had the same model the authors used,) but it
didn't work. We had help from another guy at the hack factory (not so
sure of name... Peter?) who knew how to operate their "real" radio
setup in the front room.

Darren (et al): This < > is (one
version of) the software I was talking about for bit-banging FM radio
from a raspberry pi. Very cool toy. Somewhere I have a raspi set up
with a USB ADC (sound dongle with mic port) that I have a script to
pipe input from the mic to the transmitter, making it a portable
low-power pirate radio station I can play to from my phone etc. Once
upon a time I also had also hacked together a little server on my LAN
that would let me send it youtube videos to play over FM. I think this
< > is where I
first heard about this possibility.

Speaking of audio, here < > is a
very cool script I was sent a long time ago that plays a little
electronic tune in less than 255 bytes! If you are scared (as you
perhaps should be) of running some bash snippet I link you, it's easy
to tease apart and compile the C program and run it yourself. It
dosen't do the IO itself, instead emitting PCM over stdio to aplay
(part of ALSA.)

> Let's use the #tcmaker channel on

Too bad about the food miscommunication, but I don't think anyone starved :P.

IRC sounds good. I am louisg on freenode, and I will get alerts on my
phone if you mention me. I run a weechat instance on my server at the
U, and use weechat-android on my phone for the notifications.

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