Meeting schedule (Weds nights)

Joe Nelson joe at
Fri Mar 1 04:24:32 UTC 2019

> How was the meetup? 

Was a lot of fun. I worked with Darren on building an example with
libsoundio, and reading through the code to see how it works.

Also learned about "bit banging" where you time instructions just right
to move electricity through the computer's bus so that it radiates a
signal over AM radio. Tried a demo program on my machine while we put
a wire across the machine and tuned into 15 khz with a ham radio. It
didn't work, so there must be something different about my machine.

> how was the Wok?

I kind of screwed up organizing this. Some people got food, others
didn't. Louis suggested that we pile into an IRC channel on Wednesdays
before the meeting to plan what food to get, then place an order for

Let's use the #tcmaker channel on since it's
already operational, and we can coordinate with other Hack Factory
people on there too.

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