Our rcent presentations

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at nobelware.com
Sun Jun 30 20:35:35 UTC 2019

Unfortunately, we only offer access to our group members, and it goes through
our system-wide portal. So, our computers are off limits.

But anyone can develop for MPI-based applications by using one of the open
MPI libraryes (MPICH, OpenMPI, LAM-MPI, etc). I use OpenMPI. Download the code
and install it with the usual './configure --prefix=' and 'make install' to
put it somewhere. (I put software like that in /opt/IN/ on my machines.)

Then, set the path to include something like "/opt/IN/ompi_3.1.3/bin" which
is where the executables will live. The compile that is MPI-aware will be
'mpicc' and you should have 'mpiCC' for C++ and 'mpif90' for ForTran. Then,
just compile an executable. You are ready to run: 'mpirun -np 2 ./a.out'
It can happen on systems with 1 core, or any number of cores; you do not need
a truly distributed system to run it. This is how we develop code for the
most part.

I can assist if you have questions, of course.

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