Dave Bucklin dave.bucklin at
Sat Jun 15 03:17:13 UTC 2019

Hi All.

Today, I operate OpenBSD and Debian servers for this group at Vultr.
At the moment, my monthly bill is $13.50.  That's $3.50 for the OpenBSD
server and $10 for the Debian machine.  And, yes, I'll gladly accept
your financial support.

Looking at the logs on the Debian server, the only "person" using it is
the uucp process at dataforge.  So, I'll be spinning that down next week
if there are no objections.  That will bring the monthly cost down to a
very reasonable $3.50.  All-time costs are about $57 which, I believe,
have been covered by previous donations.

That said, we are coming up on the one-year mark (8/29) and it will
soon be time to have another fundraiser.  Last time we just got pizza
and people threw money at me.  It was a little degrading, but we raised
some money.  I'd like to hear suggestions for a summer outing of the
Hardcore Hacknight crew.

You can also make a donation any time.  I accept cash, PayPal, and Flooz.
I haven't figured out Venmo yet, sorry.

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