New people on the mailing list

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at
Mon Jun 3 15:13:26 UTC 2019

Congratulations Joe! I wish you sleep, which you will need.

Welcome everybody else. Wow! It almost blows my mind that this list has grown
so much from that first email from Joe, which led to a bunch of us meeting
at the HackFactory, going around the room speaking out our background and
interests. I, too, have learned a lot from everyone here. I am looking forward
to much more of it. And I very much enjoy that pace and flexibility that we
have for meetups, etc.

We run two VPSs: an OpenBSD for generul purpose hacking and learning, and a
Debian/Linux, which is a throw-away hackbox presently serving as a UUCP
node. We have a mumble running for allowing remote voice participation at
meetups, and have done paired programming with shared terminal windows. We
are more fun that we sound, and hack over pizza and a few pints.

I have many interests, too many to list. So I will just say that I primarily
like to learn and to do things. My interests that are most relevant to this
list are computer programming, graphics, hardware, audio, math. I work at
the Univ. of Minnesota, doing research in aerospace engineering; my work is
multidisciplinary and revolves around numerical simulation. (Actually, I will
be giving a brief talk on supercomputing --based on my personal experience and
perspective-- at the C/C++ meetup alongside Sam, who will be talking about a
different topic.) I enjoy sports and physical activity. I enjoy good book
recommendations. I almost always ride a bike. I like cars. I love chocolate.

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