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mxu mxu at
Sun Jun 2 13:54:29 UTC 2019

On 6/1/19 8:41 AM, Joe Nelson wrote:
> Hey I noticed we got an influx of new people on the friends@ mailing
> list. Many joined in order to learn more about systems programming. Do
> any of you want to introduce yourselves and your interests?

I'll follow Dave's lead...

I'm not new to the list, but have been really only lurking since it 
began.  (I met Joe from following his blog.) To the newbies: I think 
you'll enjoy this list. The folks who do chime in offer really great 
stuff; so you'll learn plenty (I sure have!)!

As far as an intro - which now that i think about it I think i failed to 
do the first time:

   * I was a web dev/DevOps in late 90s~early 2000s (before "DevOps" was 
a thing, and before agile was popular).  Since then, I've moved on to - 
<gulp> - low-level middle management of dev teams, PM, etc.  Lately I 
guess my role is as a digital innovation officer (whatever that means) 
for a large chemical manufacturing company.  Basically I coordinate 
efforts to prototype unconventional HW/SW solutions for the business 
side of the company.  But i still love me some linux system 
admininistering, python scripting, playing with my little VPS', etc.  I 
live on the outer edge of the NYC metro area, hence have not been able 
to attend the meetups in Minn...But from the comments on this list, 
seems like a fun time!  (I hope to one day attend in person.)

Welcome newbies!!!

> I won't personally have time to talk on here too much in the next few
> months because my daughter was born last week. :) But everybody please
> carry on and I hope you keep the hack nights going strong. One of these
> days when I get more on top of things I can join in again.

Joe: Congrats dude on the birth of your daughter!!!!

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