New people on the mailing list

Dave Bucklin dave.bucklin at
Sat Jun 1 15:00:13 UTC 2019

On Sat, Jun 01, 2019 at 07:41:42AM -0500, Joe Nelson wrote:
> Hey I noticed we got an influx of new people on the friends@ mailing
> list. Many joined in order to learn more about systems programming. Do
> any of you want to introduce yourselves and your interests?

I'm not new, but I'd like to introduce myself to new folks on the list.
I was a developer on a 1960s-vintage system called Pick for the first 13
years of my career.  After that, I lost my mind and took a technical sales
job. Now I'm a PM/BA, but I have a lot of fun automating things with Awk
in git-bash at work. Like others here, I'm a bit of a retro curmudgeon. I
see a lot of value in tech that is often dismissed as being old and
outdated. I came across this article last week and the conclusion really
resonsated with me ( Erik
and I had a nice chat on this topic at the last meeting. You can read
more about what I'm up to on

> I won't personally have time to talk on here too much in the next few
> months because my daughter was born last week. :) But everybody please
> carry on and I hope you keep the hack nights going strong. One of these
> days when I get more on top of things I can join in again.

Congrats, Joe! I've been attending the weekly meetup about half the time
and I've always run into other folks. It seems the meetup is, more or
less, on autopilot. For those who may not know, we've been meeting up
in the classroom at The Hack Factory open house on Wednesday nights at
7pm. You may be offered a tour and I suggest you take it; they have an
excellent facility.

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