Meeting schedule (Weds nights)

Louis louis at
Wed Feb 27 21:44:26 UTC 2019

Hey all,

I think Joe said he'll be at the Hack Factory tonight, anybody else?
Nathan and I were planning on being over there around 1900. I see
mention of food at China Wok - so I'm going to plan on getting dinner
around there.

Looking forward to meeting you guys IRL,

Louis Goessling

On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 12:51 PM Ioannis Nompelis
<nompelis at> wrote:
> This sounds great. This is how it all started. We can add meetings as we see
> fit, and we certainly are going back to Parkway Pizza too.
> I will not be able to do some of the up-coming Wednesdays due to basketball
> matches that require my mad skillz. Should be able to follow through in less
> than a month with more attendances.

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