Destroy All Software

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at
Fri Feb 22 19:02:38 UTC 2019

Ha! This is fantastic! This is all of what Joe was advocating, and a great idea.

Can I go on a slight tangent?

The main page talks about shells in a computer system. Here is a good story.
We had a sysadmin at WSU in the 90s -- who will remain anonymous -- who was a
photographer by training and a DEC-VMS/VAX damn guru and capable programmer by
profession. When he did not ride Harleys in solitude, he was in an other
introvertive state of programming computers. He was paranoid on security and
with good reason. A friend had told me that this man had written a keystroke
capturing wrapper that was running on top of the VMS/VAX's shell, whatever that
was. He had trained it to recognize when he was typing; I do not know on what
physical premise. Then, the trained, hacked shell was supposed to recognize if
it was him or somebody else typing at the "root prompt" (SYSTEM account in the
VAX world) and lock everybody out of the system if it detected that it was not

I wanted to write a plugin for the shell that captures the terminal's input
before it passes it to the shell functionality so that I can do the same thing.
I never got around to it. Maybe somebody here can author it. I never searched
for any software with that functionality because I wanted to come up with the
functionality from scratch by myself... I know you understand.

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