Meeting schedule (Weds nights)

Joe Nelson joe at
Wed Feb 20 22:40:22 UTC 2019

The meeting coordination emails can be annoying for non Twin Cities
people on the list, so let's just make this easy.

   New meeting schedule
   When : Weds nights at 7
   Where: Hack Factory classroom
   Who  : Anyone who wants to


* This recurring time is when Hack Factory has their open house, so the
  doors are unlocked. People always show up for the open house so you
  won't have to worry about making the trip and being the only person
  there (even if attendance from our core group is low that week).
* Makes the meetings resilient, doesn't require me or any other
  particular person to be there.
* Avoids the whole RSVP and food estimation process.
* Reduces administrative emails on this list.

How about giving it a try? We can always change the plan if it's no fun.

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