Unicode study

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at nobelware.com
Sat Feb 16 16:24:58 UTC 2019

I wanted to make sure this topic does not fall off the front of our minds.

I have started to read on this, and also recently I had to pay a little
attention to "percent encoding" and "base64" encoding. The former is what
you see travel well across networks for URLs on web-browsers. The latter is
far more common, and you see it in almsot anything that takes binary and
creates an efficient printable encoding with the purpose of sending it
over networks that use 8-bit printable transfers (like email).

I wrote a very simple percent encoder, which I will share. Nothing fancy
there to get the work done, but I will welcome tricks to make it obscure
and cool-looking. I will be writing a base64 encoder, which is more interesting.

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