Unicode study

Sam Stuewe samuel.stuewe at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 16:14:16 UTC 2019

On 2/8/19, Joe Nelson <joe at begriffs.com> wrote:
> Hm, that is pretty outdated isn't it? Oh well, I got the book for $5 and
> the introductory material should hopefully be about the same, even if
> there are new languages supported since then.
There are some features that have been added (e.g., how flags work),
but there hasn't been too much that has changed to my knowledge. Then
again, there are pages which discuss the changes between the versions,
so that may be helpful as well.

> Nice, thanks!

> Here's my plan: read the first three chapters in Unicode Demystified
> to understand the general architecture and terms, then work with other
> people on the list to make utilities relevant to Chapter 4 (Combining
> character sequences and Unicode normalization). Then see what we want to
> do from there.
Sounds like a plan!

All the best,


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