Unicode study

Joe Nelson joe at begriffs.com
Sat Feb 9 04:05:11 UTC 2019

Sam Stuewe wrote:
> why are > you looking at version 5 of the standard?
> The latest version is 11

Hm, that is pretty outdated isn't it? Oh well, I got the book for $5 and
the introductory material should hopefully be about the same, even if
there are new languages supported since then.

> In addition, if you are starting to look into Unicode as a study, I
> would recommend the following resources as intro points and
> programming tools: ...

Nice, thanks!

> Also, please do keep posting to the list about the plans for the
> study; I'm always interested in getting more familiar with unicode.

Here's my plan: read the first three chapters in Unicode Demystified
to understand the general architecture and terms, then work with other
people on the list to make utilities relevant to Chapter 4 (Combining
character sequences and Unicode normalization). Then see what we want to
do from there.

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