Geekiness maxed out (from Berlin with love)

Sam Stuewe samuel.stuewe at
Wed Feb 6 18:29:39 UTC 2019

On 2/6/19, Ioannis Nompelis <nompelis at> wrote:
> I ran across this from a Twitter feed:
The site where the creator will hold the crowd-funding effort is
mentioned in that twitter thread, but I thought it might be worth
mentioning it plain here:

It's essentially like kickstarter but primarily focused on open-source
hardware. It's definitely not great on the wallet :P

One of my personal-favorite projects that I backed was the fomu:

It's an FPGA that fits into a USB port with enough power to run
bare-metal python, or emulate a full (though, small) RISC-V chip. I've
been meaning to get into FPGA dev for a while now, and this seemed
like the cheapest and most accessible option I've seen yet.

All the best,


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