Progress migrating to list

Joe Nelson joe at
Sun Sep 30 18:07:44 UTC 2018

Ioannis Nompelis wrote:
> Dave has my postfix anti-spam configuration if you need it Joe, or I
> can send it to you.

Sure, send it over. I'm using but the
concepts are probably similar.

One thing that makes our job easier is that this list won't propagate
any messages unless the sender is subscribed. A spammer would have to
subscribe, or discover and spoof the identify of a member. Finally,
when a message does go through, the mailing list retains the original
headers and body, so subscribers' own clients can do their usual level
of filtering. If the spoofed member has a strong DMARC policy then that
will highlight the spam even more clearly.

Might actually be easier for a spammer to scrape email addresses from
the public list archives and email people directly than try to relay
through the list.

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