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Joe Nelson joe at
Sun Sep 30 17:23:45 UTC 2018

Ioannis Nompelis wrote:
> I am very surprised that his message was not delivered. Do you have a reason
> for the delivery error? "Bad sequence of commands" could also come from the
> mailman, no?

I recently added TLS support for both SMTP and HTTP on the server (to
protect subscriber passwords that are communicated in plaintext).
However mail has gotten through since then for a number of people,
so that shouldn't be the problem. Also other gmail users are able to
use the list fine.  I suggested that Bob try the web interface to
subscribe. Maybe the issue will clear itself up.

> Regarding the triabe-byuilding, I think we jsut start doing what we want to
> do, see how it goes, and periodically ask people to spread the word.

Well said. My only question is whether to spread the word to people in
other cities to collaborate remotely. Dave has some ideas about what
makes a strong online community, and part of it is that face to face
meetings increase accountability. People are less likely to get into
petty internet arguments if they have to see each other later.

> I think that all good things start with somebody liking what they are doing
> regardless of what other people think or how they respond. I read once that
> a musician or composer does not try to write a "musical hit" song/track;
> they do what they do and if it is great, so be it. Let's do it like an art
> and craft that we like.

Agreed. Let's keep doing what we're doing!

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