my first test

Joe Nelson joe at
Tue Sep 25 14:48:02 UTC 2018

> I intended to say that the "Reply-To:" should be used to reply to the list,
> not the sender, which is under your From-munging definition.

Interesting, I see what you're saying.

Here are lists I'm subscribed to and what they use:

* openbsd-misc:       [x] Sender   [ ] Reply-To
* postgresql-hackers: [ ] Sender   [ ] Reply-To
* gnupg-users:        [x] Sender   [ ] Reply-To
* google groups:      [x] Sender   [x] Reply-To
*              [x] Sender   [ ] Reply-To

The accepted usage for lists seems to be that reply all is for replying on-list and a regular reply is for off-list. The postgres list is an interesting case. It helped me see that reply-all doesn't consult the Sender header. Reply-all just CC's original message's CC list plus its To address.

After considering all this, I think the Sender field's true role is for bounce processing:

RFC822, section 4.4.4
> The "Sender" field mailbox should be sent  notices  of
> any  problems in transport or delivery of the original
> messages.  If there is no  "Sender"  field,  then  the
> "From" field mailbox should be used.

It's important that Mailman receive SMTP bounces so it can adjust the bounce score for subscribers and stop sending to them if it happens too much.

> Does not matter to me... But now look at what my "group reply" did when Dave
> is in the CC field as well.

Sorry, what did it do? I didn't notice.

> The list may be purging the address to which the
> message is sent via CC: headers, but it would become a mess if several persons were responding at once.

Can you explain the mess it would cause?

It's advantageous to CC the participants in a thread to keep communication open during mailing list reflector outages. People CC'd with reply-all can continue talking with each other, and the list will catch up on the queued messages when it comes online.

> Also, are we going to move this to or keep it under Joe's
> system?

What if we use for the shared terminal, irc, voice chat etc, and use this list for email? We were having some deliverability issues on the other list (messages started going to my spam folder).

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