my first test

Joe Nelson joe at
Mon Sep 24 16:35:19 UTC 2018

> Judging from the header (see below) you did a "group reply" and I have only
> received the email that went to me, not to the "friends" list.

I think I have a setting enabled on the list where it examines the To: and Cc: headers and then avoids sending a second copy to people who are already getting the message directly.

> Now, that I am htting "reply" in Mutt, I am emailing only you; should the message i am
> drafting be a response to the listserv, there would be the listserv in the
> "To:' field, but it is your email address. And I know you hit reply to my
> message to the list.

Interesting. Let me try this experiment -- I'll send this message to just the list and not directly to you. What happens if you do a group reply to this one?

Group replies are probably required to have messages go to both the original sender and the list. The list doesn't modify the "From:" header for messages, so I think a regular reply will go to the original sender alone. (The list includes a Sender: header with its own email address to indicate that it relayed the message, and to be included in a group reply.)

I configured it this way to accommodate people who use DMARC:

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