Another Introduction

Robbie D Herb hello at
Wed Nov 14 03:26:07 UTC 2018

Hi Friends,

Since Harv started the trend, I suppose I'll join in on the 
introductions. I'm Robbie, and I actually don't remember how I came 
across Joe, probably a comment on Hacker News.

I'm a systems administrator in eastern South Dakota, and I use OpenBSD 
for most of my PCs at home. I also like animation and am currently 
working on a short animated film that I hope to turn into a series (Oh, 
not professionally or anything, just for fun).

I've been subscribed to the list for a while, and this is only my second 
or third message. I'm sort of a lurker that way, but I've definitely 
been interested in reading.

Thanks for the interesting reading, and happy hacking!



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