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Robbie Herb hello at
Sat Nov 24 21:30:26 UTC 2018

On Sat, 24 Nov 2018 10:42:38 -0600
Joe Nelson <joe at> wrote:

> I want to set up a proper network at home (rather than using whatever
> weak wireless router the ISP gave me). What would you advise? Here's
> the tentative plan so far:
> * Get an EdgeRouter 4 to act as a switch and router
> * Use a dedicated wireless access point
> * Someone online said that they add pfSense as the WAN entry point,
>   doing the NAT, content filtering and firewalling.
>   [WAN] --> Modem --> pfSense --> ER X --> [LAN]
>   I was considering running pfSense on an APU.2C4
> * I'd like to put a rack in the basement to hold this stuff. Are there
>   local places to get a rack for cheap?
> * What's a good rackable NAS? Synology?
> Maybe all this is way more expensive than it needs to be though, and I
> could be using more off-the-shelf components. Also I want to keep this
> setup quiet, and not have a stack of jet engines in the basement. :)

I've had some experience with Ubiquiti gear and I have to say, it's
pretty nice. Much better than the junk you can get at Best Buy. We
actually run some at a temporary warehouse we set up and it works for
that, and a friend of mine at the local ISP has installed Ubiquiti in a
few of the local frat houses. They like it a lot for the price.

I was planning on next year getting some gear for my house, since I'm
about fed up with the cheap D-link I have (Though you really can't beat
the price!)

Let me know if you have questions. It's been a while since I set it up
but I'm sure I can dust off the cobwebs.

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