Systems, Networking &c

Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at
Sat Nov 24 20:24:21 UTC 2018

Louis, please point us to your malloc()/free()/calloc()/realloc() implementation.
I'd like to take a look, if you do not mind.

As for home networking and hardware, I'd ping my friend Randy, who has had lots
of experience in setting up a variety of hardware for this purpose. He stands
by the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, and he says it is very much what an "enthusiast"
like you guys would want. He had a detailed post o TC-LUG, so you can look in
those archives from a couple of months ago. Randy also has racks that he may
want to get rid of; he offered me a few pieces of hardware, which was both rack
space and 1U,2U and 4U boxes, both with and without hardware.

I also use RAID1 and no less for anything serious when it comes to storage.
I take it a step further: RAID1, with LUKS encryption containers, with XFS for
the filesystem. There are NAS storage devices that use ZFS, and if you are
comfortable with that, you want that (ZFS is great). ZFS is standard in BSD,
but a compileable module for Linux that is not part of the Linux kernel due to

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