Joe Nelson joe at
Sat Nov 24 16:42:38 UTC 2018

> I came across TC Hardcore Hackers on Ioannis' GitHub profile, who I've met
> briefly offline. I thought I'd join the mailing list and say hi!

Hi Louis, welcome! Really glad you found the list. Your webpage has many
interesting projects on it.

> Interests: Systems software & languages.

Nice. Trying to get more into this myself. Currently halfway through
P.J. Plauger's book about the C standard library. After that I'll
be trying the examples in Stevens' "Advanced Programming in the UNIX
Environment."  If you're interested we could try working on these
examples together on the server. You're probably busy with
school, but just throwing it out there.

> Analog interests: Metalworking, Sailing, [Ultimate] Frisbee.

Have you visited the new metal shop at TC Maker?
They've got all kinds of tools in there, and run classes about how to
use them.

> Systems: I run Debian on my laptop, and on my servers. One of these is my home
>   router and one is racked at ACM. Theres a collection of servers I administrate
>   at ACM that run Debian and Arch. We use a linux box as the bridge/router
>   network uplink at ACM, too.

I want to set up a proper network at home (rather than using whatever
weak wireless router the ISP gave me). What would you advise? Here's the
tentative plan so far:

* Get an EdgeRouter 4 to act as a switch and router
* Use a dedicated wireless access point
* Someone online said that they add pfSense as the WAN entry point,
  doing the NAT, content filtering and firewalling.
  [WAN] --> Modem --> pfSense --> ER X --> [LAN]
  I was considering running pfSense on an APU.2C4
* I'd like to put a rack in the basement to hold this stuff. Are there
  local places to get a rack for cheap?
* What's a good rackable NAS? Synology?

Maybe all this is way more expensive than it needs to be though, and I
could be using more off-the-shelf components. Also I want to keep this
setup quiet, and not have a stack of jet engines in the basement. :)

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