Ioannis Nompelis nompelis at
Sat Nov 24 16:39:21 UTC 2018

Welcome Louis! I knew you would find your way to the Hardcore Hackers, and
that is why I did not just mention it to you. I have met Louis on a couple of
occasions, and I play/host trivia with Louis' dad.

We have high expectations of Louis... (no pressure dude). I will expose the
details; he just finished high-school and had been taking UofM college credit
courses while in high-school. He is the only high-schooler to whom I had
recommended a book by Niklaus Wirth (the very classic one "Algo & Data...").
I was impressed to hear of him making a language/compiler and an OS. I am sure
we all have lots to learn from Louis' fresh eyes on things and his enthusiasm.

Louis, pick a username (login) for our VPS so that Dave or Joe can get you
an account. It is BSD, so you will learn a bit of that too (a good thing).

This list is archived online on, all of what we talk about here.
We also are running an IRC server and a Murmur voice-chat server, for the
yet-to-come occasion that we will do paired- or group-programming.

Our members write weblogs, which are fun to read. We each have projects that
we share and discuss, and some of us go to great lengths both in understanding
and execution, but also in articulating opinions; the archives can attest to
that! I am sure you and Sam will find CS and programmatic topics to discuss.

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