Louis louis at
Fri Nov 23 23:03:51 UTC 2018

Hello folks,

I came across TC Hardcore Hackers on Ioannis' GitHub profile, who I've met
briefly offline. I thought I'd join the mailing list and say hi!

Name: Louis Goessling

"Work": Student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Systems Admin for
  the ACM Student Chapter at UMTC.

Interests: Systems software & languages. I have a toy C-like programming
  language "Orth" that I've used to build some projects in this realm:
  self-hosting compiler (uses LLVM as a backend) and a very primitive x86 OS.

Analog interests: Metalworking, Sailing, [Ultimate] Frisbee.

Systems: I run Debian on my laptop, and on my servers. One of these is my home
  router and one is racked at ACM. Theres a collection of servers I administrate
  at ACM that run Debian and Arch. We use a linux box as the bridge/router
  network uplink at ACM, too.

I occasionally attend the PyMNToS (Python UG) meetup, and went to the most
recent Rust meetup (sadly not called a RUG) although I don't know much rust...
I'm new to the mailing list scene but this sounds like an interesting group!

You can pull my gpg key with this email or find it at

Louis Goessling

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